Rules and Safety

Trail Ride Rules

Everyone participating in a ride must observe our Trail Ride Rules:

1. All riders must be 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

2. Any uncontrollable or disruptive horse or rider can be removed or relocated within the line at any time or asked not to return to subsequent rides by a board member.

3. The trail boss will set the gait on the trail ride. Lunging of horses prior to a trail ride must be done away from others and off to the side.

4. Any person who needs to stop on the trail must notify the trail or drag boss or closest trail ride staff member.

5. All riders must remain behind the trail boss and in front of the drag boss on the trail.

6. Horses known to kick must have a red flag on the tail.

7. No riding double.

8. No ponying.

9. No dogs on a trail ride.

10. No alcoholic beverages on a trail ride.

11. No firearms are allowed, except those designated by a board member for emergencies only.  The liability to our members, equines, and our association when carrying a firearm is too great to risk. We appreciate your cooperation on this issue.

12. Any rule above may be exempted by the board member or representative in charge on the ride in case of an emergency.


State Land Permits

For more information about the types of permits available or to download a permit application go to the Arizona State Land Department.

State Trust Land users need to know that:

  1. Arizona Trust Land is land managed by the State Land Department. Trust Land is not Public Land.
  2. A recreation permit is required to camp, hike or travel on Trust Land that is designated as open for recreation.
  3. A recreation permit is an agreement between you and the Department to allow limited recreational activities conditional on your continued responsible behavior.