Mission Statement

Established in 1980, the Superstition Horsemen’s Association works to ensure the rights and privileges of those dedicated to the western lifestyle, including the humane treatment of horses. Recognized by city and county elected officials, the SHA works closely with them to preserve the Old West Heritage built into the city of Apache Junction.

The SHA is always involved in pursuing favorable legislation to protect our rights as horse property owners and ranchers, including trail systems over county and state land. Please support us in our efforts to regularly promote community awareness about any changes or proposed Planning and Zoning ordinances that affect local horse and livestock owners.

The SHA also sponsors fun social activities and events like trail rides, potluck barbecues, and local parades, in addition to community responsibilities like trail gate maintenance, road clean up, and free public horse clinics. We urge you to make a difference in your community and join us!


  • Arizona State Horsemen’s Association
  • American Horse Council
  • Black Stallion Literacy Program Sponsor and Volunteer Organization
  • City of Apache Junction Trail System Plan
  • “Little Buckaroos” Rodeo Sponsor
  • Trail and Road Maintenance Projects including assistance in building Lost Goldmine Trail
  • City of Apache Junction “Open Space” Task Force
  • Equine Rescue and Evacuation Planning
  • Coordinated installation of horse access gate into federal and state lands
  • Donations to worthy causes


  • Continuously representing horse owners’ rights to Apache Junction City Council and Pinal County government
  • Apache Junction now has its own Equine Ordinance
  • Maintaining low density (0-1 buildings per acre) within city limits
  • Ensuring square mile section 22 maintains one-acre minimum lot size
  • Section 15 down-zoned to one-acre minimum conventional housing only
  • Changing City codes for horse shades in both city and county, so they are not classified as buildings which would require severe setbacks
  • Allowance in the City code for barbed wire for the keeping of livestock (not horses)
  • Trails exist and stay open through the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon area
  • Expansion of AJ Rodeo Grounds

Interesting Facts

  • Arizona’s horse industry exceeds a billion dollars annually
  • Arizona Pleasure Horse Owners spend an estimated $500 million on their horses
  • Over 50,000 households in Arizona own over 170,000 horses
  • Horse Show Events contribute over $40 million every year
  • Arizona Residents contribute over $9 million as spectators at equine events

Horse people have Power!