SHA is a group of concerned citizens formed to ensure the rights and privileges of horsemen, to promote the humane treatment of horses, and to actively pursue favorable legislation concerning the above.

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Become a member and help us preserve the Western lifestyle in our community. We advocate for horsemen's rights and privileges and the humane treatment of horses.

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SHA Parade Unit News

The SHA Parade Unit is preparing for their current, upcoming event…..the Lost Dutchman Days Parade.  This event is held on February 25th and it is being held on the Apache Trail.

The Unit consists of dedicated riders who want to represent SHA to the public.  They ride in uniforms of red, white and blue, carry the United States Flag, the Arizona Flag and the SHA Flag while a rider introduces the Unit on point while the remainder of the Unit executes formation changes throughout the parade route behind the mounted riders who carry the flags.

The riders who execute formation changes respond to a director of the Unit who calls out a specific formation, making the Unit fun and interesting to watch as they walk the parade route on horseback.

The first practice of this group is going to be held on February 9th, at the AJ Rodeo Grounds, at 4 PM.  The practice will be finished by 5:15 PM and all participants much exit by 5:30 PM when the gates are locked.  Other practices will be held on the 16th, and the 23rd.

If you and your horse are interested in being a part of this Unit, please call/text Pam Gaston, at 602-320-3185 or email her at  Practices are mandatory and necessary so our Unit looks sharp and represents SHA well.