2019-2020 Membership Open

Memberships in the SHA are now open for the October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020 year.

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Single membership $20.00
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Summary of Arnett Canyon Ride and Picnic

Things from the Past and Things to Come


It was a beautiful day as 14 riders, led by Darryl Cross with Gene Gooding as drag, rode out through Arnett Canyon. There were beautiful trees, clear water, blue skies, towering rocks and cliffs throughout the canyon. The group climbed up to a focal point on the Lost Trail/Arnett Canyon Spur Trail and looked over into Superior as the group munched on a snack and took a drink of water. Everyone headed back and it was a terrific ride with well behaved horses and wonderful camaraderie.

The second ride left at 11:30 am, led by Dianne Blanding with Scott Cazier as drag. They rode through the canyon and had a lovely two hour ride. They arrived back at camp just in time to sit down to a delicious potluck of baked and fried chicken, Dillons’ Potato Salad, and numerous dishes that were brought to pitch in and share.

The sunshine was bright, the sun was warm and the  conversation was delightful. There were a total of 27 people who attended the picnic. Everyone had a great time.